Rivica... A small port of grand hedonism


The history of Rivica is a story of a generational devotion to hospitality and restaurant business. It is a story of passion, hard work, and persistence. At the same time, it is a story of  the consistency of general values and changes that come with each new generation or a new period of time, that are reflected in the plates, in the glasses, and in the smiles of our guests.

The story begins in 1934 with nona Mara and nono Ivo, when they decided to open a bed and breakfast in a small fishing village for elite guests from the former “k.u.k.” (kaiserlich und königlich – Austro - Hungarian Monarchy) and provide them with a hedonistic experience of Kvarner and the Island of Krk, two destinations that they began to uncover and which attracted them with their exotic and untouched nature and climate balance.

The story continues with father Ivica and mother Vera as the protagonists who, in the middle and second half of the previous century, brought the Rivica restaurant to the very top of the island and Kvarner and Croatian gastronomy.

At that time, the current owner Dražen was being introduced into the world of gastronomy through a natural gravitation towards the family business and his love of the sommelier knowledge and skills as an initial push in that direction, which ignited the fuse to his gastronomic specificity. 

Today he and his wife, Nikolina, are the protagonists of the story with those same values that have been a part of the two previous generations, now in a more modern context and with the everlasting presence of Bodulij (the name of the Island of Krk in the Čakavian dialect) and Kvarner and with one eye set on the mountain Učka that surrounds both the arriving guests and the kitchen, thus influencing the cuisine that became one of the main characteristics of the Croatian gastronomy. 

The cuisine still remains Mediterranean, but is first and foremost of Krk and Kvarner; at the same time it contains an air of the Monarchy and la cucina veneta as its essential cooking and serving guidelines.

At the shaded terrace with a view of the small port, nona Mara's spirit is still present as a contemporary link between passion and dedication, as well as the spirit of gastronomy chosen primarily as a way of life, and secondly as a profession.

Rivica... A small port of grand hedonism


A small port in a small place
for a grand gastronomy

Guest Book

As a witness of continuity, as a beacon of the longevity of the Rivica restaurant, there is a book in our restaurant that serves as a testament to the development of tourism, the hospitality business, and gastronomy, and at the same time it represents an ethnological and sociological museum display that can be seen during or after dining at the Rivica restaurant. By leafing through the aged pages of the Guest Book of nona Mara's and nono Ivo's bed and breakfast, you will witness a unique period where the nobility went to Bodul to get some fresh air for their heads and their bodies strengthened at the sea near Njivice while enjoying good food, accommodation, and the bed and breakfast service of the Lesica family. 

Eighty years later the Guest Book is still here, as are the Rivica restaurant and the Lesica family. Make a reservation and become a part of our great story.

Rivica, Njivice... A small port in a small place for a grand gastronomy